Created and directed by Paula Crespo, Reverso regularly organises exhibitions of work by both national and international artists [ Projects> Studio Projects ] and has a permanent exhibition of contemporary jewellery [ Showroom ], by various artists.

Reverso has produced and produces limited series of objects with the collaboration of artists from different fields of artistic production [ Projects> Artistic Projects ]. Along with this Reverso, in collaboration with the gallery curator, Ana Isabel also holds individual exhibitions of work by contemporary artists [ Fine Arts ].

Situated in a building covered with painted tiles, Reverso is made up of the bright, light gallery, with the workshop and work area at the back of the building [ Location ]. Besides pieces designed by Paula Crespo, specially commissioned pieces or series are also produced in the workshop [ Commissions ].

To get up to the minute news of current exhibitions and the latest pieces don’t forget to visit the Reverso site regularly at:
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